September 24 - September 28, 2018

The Hyatt Regency Hotel & The TELUS Convention Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

IPC 2016 Photo Gallery

This page contains images from IPC 2016. You can browser through the images below, navigation is provided to advance through the pages. Clicking an image will open a popup viewer. Higher resolution versions can be viewed and/or downloaded by clicking on the link in the left-hand corner of the popup viewer.

To download an image without clicking and opening the higher resolution version:

  • right click on the thumbnail
  • select “Download Linked File” or “Download Linked File As” (please note your particular browser may have slightly different verbiage)


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AP2A2976.jpg AP2A2018.jpg _W4O3223.jpg
_W4O3239.jpg AP2A0894.jpg AP2A2541.jpg
AP2A2469.jpg AP2A3520.jpg AP2A2129.jpg
_W4O3116.jpg AP2A0956.jpg AP2A1194.jpg
_W4O3751.jpg AP2A0786.jpg AP2A0827.jpg
AP2A3221.jpg _W4O3175.jpg AP2A3595.jpg
AP2A2851.jpg AP2A2467.jpg _W4O3366.jpg
AP2A2550.jpg _W4O3288.jpg AP2A1062.jpg
_W4O3648.jpg _W4O3369.jpg _W4O3738.jpg
AP2A1914.jpg _W4O3187.jpg AP2A2262.jpg
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