September 24 - September 28, 2018

The Hyatt Regency Hotel & The TELUS Convention Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

International Pipeline Conference Foundation

The International Pipeline Conference (IPC) takes place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada every other even year around the end of September. Organized by volunteers representing international energy corporations, energy and pipeline associations and regulatory agencies, the IPC has become internationally renowned as the world’s premier pipeline conference.

The not-for-profit International Pipeline Conference Foundation (IPCF) is the owner of IPC. IPCF is a whollyowned subsidiary of CEPA, the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association. The Board of IPCF is made of equal members from CEPA and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

The IPCF plays an important role as the steward of the Conference, ensuring long-term success and viability of the conference as the premiere event for Pipeline Engineers. The Foundation channels surpluses from IPC towards activities that further the pipeline Industry. By leveraging surplus funds from the conference, IPCF (through ASME and CEPA) is able to advance the industry further through programs focused on:



  • Global Pipeline Award
    • Recognizing outstanding innovations and technological advances by various organizations in the field of pipeline transportation (given each year at either IPC or Rio Pipeline)
    • In the coming years this program will be expanded to increase global awareness and link other local pipeline activities (IPG, China, India) back to Calgary as THE Premier Pipeline Event
  • Best Paper Competition presented at IPC and the Rio Pipeline Conference:
    • Odd years – Best Paper from Rio Pipeline Conference and International Pipeline Geotechnical Conference
    • Even years – Best Paper from IPC
  • Support for Young Pipeliners Association of Canada (YPAC) leadership and poster contest winners to attend the Banff Pipeline Workshop and Rio Pipeline Conference
  • Support for Young Pipeline Professionals (YPP), a US based organization dedicated to educating young professionals about the pipeline industry and creating leadership opportunities for the next generation of pipeline professionals


  • Visiting Lecturers program
    • Launched the program in Ecuador (M. Yoon/ A. Murray) in 2011/2012
    • Seeking additional lecturers and hope to expand the program to other locations…
  • Monograph series of Pipeline Books published by ASME Press
  • Continued support of the ASM Materials Workshop for Teachers in Canada and establishment of same Workshop in Vitorio and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • Program designed to educate teachers about STEM best practices
  • Mo Mohitpour Scholarship – 5 K annual Donation
  • In house training – Enbridge, TransCanada, etc.
  • Partner – Banff Pipeline Workshop – started in 1992 and held biannually


  • Through CEPA, IPCF is able to promote research projects that will benefit the industry:
    • University of Calgary (Pipeline Centre of Excellence) – Facilities Integrity Management Program / Best Practice Document
  • Completed Projects include:
    • Surface Loading Calculator Training Manual and Package, Bitumen Corrosivity Study, Watercourse Management First and Second Editions
  • Projects underway:
    • Shallow Dent Assessment and Acceptance Best Practice Document - Industry Wide Baseline Safety Survey, – Human Factors in In-Line Inspection Study, – Leak Detection Technology – Safety Portal


  • Established the International Pipeline Geotechnical Conference held in Bogota, Colombia, July 2013 and 2015. IPG will be held biennially in different locations in South America.
  • Organized and supported the first several India Oil & Gas Pipeline Conferences (2007-15) and they are now self-sustaining and locally managed
  • International Offshore Pipeline Forum (IOPF) Quarterly Lunch and Learns, pipeline education and networking in an informal setting. Based in Houston, TX in the Energy Corridor area.
  • Support for the YPAC Golf Tournament and Junior/Senior Dinner
  • Additional Early Career programs in Houston, Tulsa, and elsewhere

Next Steps:

  • IPCF is planning to increase the IPC audience’s awareness of these programs:
    • To further promote the various activities (scholarships, lectures, etc…)
    • To encourage additional submissions, particularly in the research area

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